defining sex term
is not just a form of burial from Ancient Egyptian time,
but is a form of sex play, in the BDSM community?
source... Gaydemon DicKtionary

Gaydemon's meanings and terms

Words can be funny at times.

Especially when used in a sexual connotation.

Cum explore some of the more humerous & interesting ones.

Non Sexual Terms
DRM (Digital Rights Management)
Security software, that prevents files from being shared, copied, or played with.
AEN (Adult Entertainment Network)
New designation for where one pays a membership to access several different sites and/or galleries. Most of these sites are just a set number of photographs or videos.
AVS (Adult Verification Services)
Prior to VISA & Government Regulations, this was a form to assure that adult only sites where not accessed by minors. Since replaced by the designation AEN.
A collection of photographs in one, mainly used to entice viewers to tour the sponsor site.
Usually a site, that requires a fee to join, that pays for others to promote their program.

FREE is something we all see, but truth is, ain't nothing free. Not this site, not any image, or video. Somewhere along the line, a price has to be paid, by someone.

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A Spot
The Male equivelant of the G Spot for woman. That special place, zone, that really makes a guy reach an ultimate climax.

defining sex term
BEEFY is a term to describe a person who is well built, tending to a bit of fat, but not obese or fat. Just a guy who is muscular, slightly better proportioned than a skinny twink, and not muscle bound.

Ever wonder why so many terms have very boring, clinicle sounding names?

defining sex term
Wank is another of those terms, mostly British, referring to jerking off, to Masturbating.

Many words have changed their meanings over time, or what they were perceived to mean. Like once Masturbation was considered an illness?

defining sex term
Masturbation today is considered to help in reducing stress and depression?


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